Club Manager 2019

Your career manager is just starting out! Take this opportunity to try out what it is like to lead the team to the top! Become the best manager and win tickets for the Champions League Final in 2020! Your team is waiting for you.

You can play the game on your iOS and Android devices. Of course, it's also online in your browser. It's clear from the name of the game that you'll be bossing your football club. Right after registering, you will get your ordinary team and your goal is to look after him so he can prosper.

The whole game is built on cards. After each match you get cards that hide new players, managers, and various upgrades. Card packs can also be bought for money and coins you also receive after the matches played.



Cards play an important role in the game. Thanks to the cards, you get new players, managers, various upgrades, characters, exhibitions and lots more. Cards can be bought or won for matches.



There are 12 divisions in total. In the beginning, of course, you start at the lowest. To advance to a higher league, you need a certain number of points. The higher the league you play, the more cash you get from the match.



You can also perform tasks in the game. You will get a variety of coins according to difficulty. Then you can buy cards for coins. You can earn up to 10,000 coins thanks to the tasks.



Upgrades the different components of the club to improve the team and the results. Every upgrade has its advantage, for example, by improving the stadium, you get more cash during the game.

Win 2 Champions League tickets!

The manager that earns the most Trophies with its club in 2019 will win 2 tickets for the Champions League final in 2020 in Istanbul.

You win the trophies for a weekly competition. Try playing as many Division matches as possible against similar players in order to collect points and win this competition! The Trophies will be divided at the end of this weekly competition.

Champions League

What do you expect in the game?

Online football manager based on cards.

Matches against your friends and opponents in league and exhibition.

Training and improving your players skills.

Improving your stadium, training facilities, playgrounds, gyms and organizers.

Determining the right roster and tactics. Selection of captain and players for playing standard situations.

Improving team chemistry to concentrate the entire team and after each match.

Fulfilling the tasks for which you receive bonus coins. Chat in the game.

Purchase and pick up cards that have new players, managers, and cards needed for training, upgrades, exhibitions, and lots of others.

Scouting of new players. Do not hesitate and start playing the online game Club Manager 2019 today!